Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pictures That Represent D&D

Who's influencing me right nowJon Schindehette, EnWorld.

The other month Jon Schindehette, Art Director for D&D, put up a post asking for our own artistic interpretations of D&D.
Look throughout the history of art—ALL art—and choose the artist or piece that really captures the essence of D&D.
 Great question, Jon! I only wish that Wizard's horrible piece-of-shit community management software allowed me to reset my password from overseas so I could log in and add my answer to the comment section of his post.

Ah, well.  As a second-best option, I'm re-posting and expanding on my EnWorld post here.

Lucifer and his followers being cast out of heaven. Falling from grace is a recurring theme in every D&D campaign I've ever read about or been involved in.

The pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock. The challenge to survive and prosper in semi-hospitable environments. Exploration of new lands.

Solomon & Sheba. Pomp, royalty, and rulership are the third strand that defines D&D for me. Responsibility for realm-changing outcomes. Choosing wisely vs. choosing unwisely.

Fantasy Art - Count Dracula
Count Dracula. (This is one I couldn't post on EnWorld due to its restriction on politics.) Willingness to use scantily clad Damsels In Distress as plot elements. Willingness to use undead, demons and hell as plot elements. Good and evil. A particular willingness to offend culture warriors on both the left and right of the American political spectrum.

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