Nerds Who Make Videos

On the Internet

The Spoony Experiment makes movies lampooning old games, telling D&D stories, and--very occasionally--reviewing new computer games. Fanbase toxicity level: high.

The Angry Joe Show is a dude with an angry-Hispanic persona who does a very good job reviewing new computer games.

Zero Punctuation is a series of not-always-so-serious game reviews by a fast-talking Brit. Entertaining, at the very least.

On YouTube

The Gentleman's Guide to Gaming  offers overviews, in-depth looks, reviews, criticisms and so forth, on a host of geeky material.

Grognard Games is a new channel by an old youtube community member.  Apparently he only wants to talk about grognard stuff now. Good on him, I say.

Lindy Beige does an awesome job providing youtube viewers with historical information relevant to D&D games: torchlight, hoplite formations, you name it!

Game Geeks is a long running show that reviews all sorts of tabletop RPGs.

Dawnforged Cast talks Pathfinder--and lately, a lot of other games too.  I like this guy--he reminds me of me, back when I was wide-eyed and bushy tailed.

Geek & Sundry features Wil Wheaton's tabletop game review show, among other things.

Totalbiscuit, the Cynical Brit reviews Steam games and does a heck of a job of it.

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