Sunday, January 6, 2013

Plot Armor: Negating a Hit

Who's influencing me right now: Zak S., Courtney Campbell, Paizo

OSRIC, like First Edition before it, is best played with about 5-6 players, all of whom had better be A-OK with high player character turnover.

Our group has only three players.  All of whom are less than OK with high character turnover.

So, in addition to the usual death & dying houserules, I'm considering the following rule to boost PC survivability.

Draw a Card From Paizo's Critical Hit Deck to Negate a Hit

A character who is not critically wounded may, at any time, choose to draw a card from the Critical Hit Deck in order to negate any hit point damage they might have received from the hit.

Instead of hit point damage, the hit inflicts a critical wound equal to the status effect indicated on the drawn card.  This status effect will persist until the character has taken one full week of non-adventuring bed rest.

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